If you had an abacus you might have been able to decipher the scoring system used at the Missouri football team’s Black and Gold game at Faurot Field Saturday. Touchdowns were worth six points, extra points one, and field goals three. After that it got confusing. Points were awarded for first downs, plays over 20 yards stopping a first down attempt inside the 50-yard line. 12 points were awarded for a turnover taken into the end zone. Atiyyah Ellison earned a “12-pointer” for intercepting a pass and scoring, to lead the Black (defense) over the Gold (offense) 60-49. Red-shirt freshman Marcus Woods rushed for 109 yards and a touchdown. Junior Damien Nash had 92 yards and a score. Brad Smith didn’t play much and didn’t have his best day while he was in—he was 4-of-8 passing for 46 yards and an interception and he had -7 yards rushing. Second-string passer Brandon Coleman was 12-of-27 for 93 yards with a touchdown and an interception. The Black and Gold game wrapped up the Tigers’ spring practice schedule. Mizzou opens up the 2004 season at home against Troy St. on September 4.