University of Missouri senior Mike Hall won ESPN’s reality game show “Dream Job” on Sunday night and got a one-year contract with the network. Hall beat out 11 other aspiring broadcasters by competing in a number of on-air related challenges. Hall, who is 22, was an anchor at KOMU TV in Columbia before entering the competition. Eligibility rules required all competitors to be amateurs, which might lead some to wonder why Hall was allowed to compete. The University of Missouri owns KOMU and Hall was never paid for his work. Instead, he earned credits towards his degree. His tenure at ESPN is already underway, which could get in the way of graduating in May. Hall hopes he can finish out his schoolwork via correspondence courses. He’s not sure what his duties will entail at this point and he doesn’t seem to care, saying, “If they just go, ‘Mike you know what? You’re gonna get coffee for a year,’ it’s like OK, that’s fine with me.” He’ll earn close to $100,000 for his efforts over the next 12 months with ESPN.