Anyone wanting his or her name to appear on the August 3rd primary ballot for state or federal offices has until the close of business today to file with the Secretary of State’s Office. The deadline is 5 o’clock this afternoon. Secretary of State’s Spokesman Spence Jackson says all those filing will have to do so in person at the Secretary of State’s Office in Jefferson City. Those running as Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians simply need to file under the banner of one of those parties and pay a fee to the party. As for the others, they’ll have to submit signatures to get on the ballot. Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians garnered enough votes in the last election cycle to gain automatic spots on the ballot. Five administrative offices – Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer – are on the ballot this year. In addition, there are races for a U.S. Senate seat, all nine Congressional seats, half the 34 State Senate seats, and all 163 seats in the Missouri House.