The Humansville lawsuit over the Ten Commandments hung in a high school cafeteria is prompting quite a bit of reaction. And, the issue is making its way into the race for Governor. The Polk County woman who filed the suit wants the plaque removed, claiming she has suffered “distinct and palpable injuries.” She’s also suing the Humansville School District over prayers she says are recited at school events. Republican Candidate for GovernorMatt Blunt says even though this matter will be decided by the courts, all Missourians who feel strongly about this issue should have their voices heard. Blunt doesn’tthink there’s much merit to the lawsuit, saying he doesn’t understand how the Ten Commandments could be considered offensive. Democrat Claire McCaskill’s campaign points out this is a federal case, adding that while no one should be denied access to the courts, McCaskill would rather see money going into the classroom than into the courtroom. The Missourinet attempted to reach Governor Bob Holden, but his office could not make him available for comment.