Senator Christopher Bond is weighing in on the testimony heard, on Capitol Hill, by the 9-11 Commission looking into the September 11th attacks. And, he believespolitics might have played a role in the proceedings. Bond says several Congressional committees are already looking into the September 11th attacks, so this panel isunnecessary. As for the comments made by former White House Advisor Richard Clarke, who criticizes President Bush’s actions, Bond says some of the things Clarke hassaid in the past are different from those he’s saying now. Bond adds Clarke might be trying to sell copies of his book. Clarke says the President seemed to be focused on Iraq. Bond says that only made sense because state-sponsored terrorism had to be ruled out before the culprits could be found. He says the focus quickly switched to al-Qaida. Bond says this Commission will not help us prepare for possible future attacks, its only purpose is to pin blame on people in both the Clinton and BushAdministrations.