The Bush Administration reaffirms its committment to helping Missouri Republicans in this Fall’s election by sending White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card to a $250 a plate Jefferson City fundraiser for Secretary of State Matt Blunt in his race for Governor. It was an event state Republican officials say raised $50,000. Card says the Administration and the entire Republican Party are aware of the importance of Missouri and are doing what they can to help Republicans from the top of the ticket to the bottom. Meanwhile, the Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party says she’s looking forward to having “big name” Republicans come to the state to help out. May Scheve Reardon says Democrats will try to tie what she calls the failure of national Republicans to what she says are the failures of state Republicans. She adds Democrats will bring in some big names of their own. Presidential candidate John Kerry, for instance, is scheduled to appear at an event in St. Louis on March 27th.