Efforts to have voters decide on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman are moving forward in the State Legislature. The proposal to send the measure to a vote of the people has already cleared the Senate and has been sent to the House, where a similar version is being entertained. Representative Kevin Engler of Farmington co-sponsors the House version. He rejects any suggestion that the issue of same-sex marriage is something that’s of little or no interest to Missourians, saying this is what people are talking about. Engler and Senator Sarah Steelman of Rolla – the Senate sponsor – insist a constitutional amendment is the only way to put the will of the people above the will of activist judges who might make law from the Bench. St. Louis area Congressman Todd Akin joined Engler and Steelman at a Capitol news conference to lend support to their efforts. If the resolution clears all hurdles it will appear on the November ballot.