The Bob Holden-Claire McCaskill race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for Governor is responsible for a lot of talk among rank-and-file Democrats. Hundredsof those ordinary folk gathered in Hannibal this weekend for the party’s annual Democrat Days event – some of them supporting Holden, others supporting McCaskill. Ernestine Kinsey, a retired teacher from Bolivar, likes McCaskill’s frankness and honesty. Steve Johnson, a Teamster from Hannibal, likes the idea that both candidates support labor, but believes McCaskill is more of a straight talker. Michelle Huseman, a teacher from Hannibal, supports the Governor because of his stand on education.Bob Nugent, a semi-retired steelworker from Ste. Genevieve County, likes both candidates but favors Holden. Both the Holden and McCaskill supporters express some concern that the primary fight might hurt the party in the short term, but they believe Democrats will be united heading into the November election.