A Governor’s veto keeps alive the possibility of service fees deducted from state workers’ paychecks, although the Secretary of State says he won’t let it happen.Governor Bob Holden vetoed legislation that would have stopped the part of his executive order that allowed the collection of union dues – so-called service fees – from non-union state workers. When asked whether he now expected a problem from Secretary of State Matt Blunt, who has to publish the rule to put it into effect and who hassaid in the past he would not publish it, Holden said that would be for the Secretary of State to determine. He says it shouldn’t be a problem. Blunt doesn’t expect a problem, either. He says regardless of what the Legislature did this year regarding the service fees, he still could not publish the Governor’s executive order calling for the fees because it broke laws already on the books. A spokesman for the Governor was non-committal as to what the next move might be in the case.