Attorney General Jay Nixon is ready to act to deal with the State Supreme Court ruling on the conceal-and-carry gun law. He’s vowing to work with the Legislature to quickly address the Court’s concerns. The Supreme Court’s 5-to-2 ruling upholds the constitutional right of eligible Missourians to carry concealed weapons. But the Court agrees with plaintiffs in four counties – Jackson, Greene, Camden, and Cape Girardeau – that the paperwork associated with conceal and carry might present an unfunded mandateand violate the Hancock Amendment. Nixon says sheriffs in all other counties could conceivably start issuing permits, but that’s probably not wise, because it would likely open the litigation floodgates. Nixon says he’ll work with the Legislature over the next few days to craft language that will address the funding concerns. Conceal and carry became law when the Legislature overrode Governor Bob Holden’s veto. Holden’s office has issued a statement saying the Governor remains opposed to conceal and carry.