A plan to privatize many functions of state government brings support from private business and questions from those representing the people now doing the work. Senator Dan Clemons of Marshfield wants the Legislature to require all state agencies to identify functions that could be done more cheaply and more efficiently by a private contractor. Eventually his plan would have agencies seeking bids fromprivate businesses wanting to take over government operations. He gets support from the State Chamber of Commerce, which says the plan would help business and would create private-sector jobs, and from a consulting firm representing several businesses that would likely compete in the bidding. Skepticism comes from the State Labor Council’s Herb Johnson, who notes Clemons’ bill has no protections for state employees now doing that work. Johnson says the Labor Council has endorsed public sector accountability legislation in the past, letting governments contract out more business to the private sector. But he says the council’s plan makes sure there really are savings and efficiencies. But he says those efficiencies should not be recognized just by cutting wages and benefits to workers.