A State Senator says last week’s surprise defeat of a name change bill for a school in southwest Missouri was really no surprise to him because of something he agreed to attach to the fate of that bill. Senate Minority Leader Ken Jacob of Columbia says he knew when he struck the deal with Senate leader Peter Kinder to stop fillibustering the Southwest Missouri State name-change in exchange for a $190-Million bond package for the University of Missouri that there were not the votes there for the bond package, thus killing the name change. He says even if he was wrong, his district’s school would still receive a fat payday of $190-Million. Jacob, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, believes Kinder, who is also running for Lieutenant Governor, and House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, who is running for Secretary of State were just trying to pander for statewide votes. Proponents of the name-change say they’re still optimistic it will pass.