A proposed tightening of the laws on handicap parking has won first-round approval from the State Senate. The senate says people need a signed document from a doctorto get one of those blue tags with the wheelchair symbol. Doctors have to sign a form listing the specific disability. Those who lie on the form will face stifferpenalties than they used to. The Revenue Department will maintain records of the people with the tags, and expiration dates if the tags are only temporary. SenatorJon Dolan’s bill does not prevent non-disabled people from driving a car with a blue tag on it. But it does increase penalties on those who improperly park in handicap spaces. If a disabled person dies, the state vital records office notifies the Revenue Department, which will then send a notice to survivors asking that the handicap parking tag be returned. Failure to return the tag will be a misdemeanor.One more round of voting sends the bill to the House.