Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell, who pulled out of a re-election race because of his wife’s health, says she’s healthy enough for him to hit the campaign trail – but not for himself. Maxwell pulled out of a re-election bid last year, announcing his wife was suffering from a painful, undagnosed illness and it was more important to be with her than run for another term. But now, after a week at the Mayo Clinic, doctors know what she has – a viral infection that infects some nerves – and she’s under treatment. That’s why he has decided to spend a few days campaigning for Presidential Candidate John Edwards. Maxwell thinks next Tuesday’s primaries will force some contenders to make some choices about narrowing the field. He says some might decide it’s not useful to go on and others might decide that it’s not good to have continued divisiveness within the party. But he says there’s no guarantee anybody will bow out. He says a person can keep runnig as long as he wants.