The Democrats in the race for the White House are now focused on Missouri and the other six states with primaries next Tuesday. Governor Bob Holden is hoping that over the next few days the Democratic hopefuls spend a good amount of time in the Show-Me State. Missouri, with 88 delegates, is the big prize in next Tuesday’s balloting. While 14 are so-called super-delegates … elected officials and thelike … the remaining 74 are up for grabs. Most of the candidates had conceded Missouri to St. Louis Congressman Richard Gephardt, but when he dropped out, Missouribecame anybody’s ballgame and the candidates are courting voters. Governor Holden likes the idea of Missouri playing such an important role. The Governor has been in touch with some of the candidates and says he’d be willing to take part in some of the candidate events. Holden, who had been a staunch supporter of Gephardt, says he’s not endorsing anyone at this stage.