The plan to give Southwest Missouri State University a new name runs into historical opposition and financial questions. SMS wants to be just Missouri State University, and has picked up support from Senate leader Peter Kinder,who says it’s more than just a name change. But Columbia Senator Ken Jacob says it’s historically wrong because the University of Missouri was known as Missouri State University for decades and the constitution recognizes only one state university. And marketing? Jacob says SMS already has students from every county. But Jacob can read the cards. He probably can’t stop the bill. He says he’ll get out of the way if the Senate approves a $190-Million bond issue for health sciences and economic development prgorams int he University system. Kinder already had proposed such a thing, so he’ll take it to get Jacob to sit down. Now the two of them have to fight off an uprising by other Senators who say the legislature has no business putting the state in debt without proper review and there’s been no review yet. Kinder and Jacob will tinker and try to bring the bill back for more debate.