New campaign finance reports seem to show the ability of people in power to raise a lot of money. Incumbent Governor Bob Holden has more money on hand than his two main opponents, combined – More than $3-Million. In the Lieutenant Governor’s race, Senate Leader Peter Kinder, a Republican, has $290,000 on hand more than two major Democrat challengers have, combined. Incumbent Attorney General Jay Nixon has $282,000 on hand. Two declared republicans have a total of about $1,200. House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, a Republican, has $425,000 in her account. Likely Democrat nominee Robin Carnahan has about two-thirds that much. In the Treasurer’s race, Republican Sarah Steelman has more than $368,000 on hand, seven times more than fellow Republican Senator Anita Yeckel, and four times the amounts three potential Democrat candidates have, combined. But Steelman’s total includes almost $210,000 in loans and debts.