A man who once sat on Missouri’s death row waiting for his sentence to be carried out is now just waiting for Christmas. For the last 26 years, Joseph Amrine watched Christmas come and go from behind bars, 17 of those years under a death sentence. Earlier this year, the State Supreme Court reversed his sentence and set him free to enjoy the holidays on the outside. Amrine says the many years he spent in prison were a roller coaster of emotions,especially at Christmas time. He says he was able to keep his spirits up because he had always loved Christmas anyway – and he knew he was innocent. Amrine says he loved the visits of carolers singing at the prison and looked to the little things to make him smile. He says he never actually made a Christmas wish that his death penalty would be lifted. But he believes this time of year, anything could happen. Amrine admits he’s still bitter about what happened to him, locked up and under a death sentence for a murder he did not commit. But he says he feels like he’s received the best present of all – life.