Attorneys for Missouri and for a woman implicated in a fatal fire in Rolla have are awaiting a U.S. Supreme Court ruling over the question of whether the woman’s Miranda rights were respected … or violated. The arguments have been made and the waiting game has begun over what is being called the “Miranda Two-Step.” Patrice Seibert told police, prior to being read her Miranda rights advising herthat she could remain silent, that she was involved in the 1997 burning of a trailer in Rolla in which a 17-year-old died. Police then advised her of her rights and asked that she confess again. She did and was convicted. But the State Supreme Court reversed the conviction, based on the Miranda rule. Attorney General Jay Nixon says appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court only makes sense because what is said after Miranda rights are given should have nothing to do with what was said prior to an individual being Mirandized. He says failure to overturn the MissouriSupreme Court ruling could harm law enforcement in this state and throughout the country. It could be several months before the High Court issues its decision. Seibert is being held pending the outcome of the proceedings.