University of Missouri System President Elson Floyd is getting a thumbs up from the system’s Board of Curators. The Board has completed a performance review and gives Floyd its full support. The two-day meeting in Kansas City was scheduled long before the latest controversy surrounding former MU basketball player Ricky Clemons, who claims he and others on the team were paid to play. One of the curators emerged from the meeting saying the Clemons controversy took up less than five minutes of the performance review. In addition to pay-for-play allegations, tapes from jailhouse conversations made by Clemons while he was serving time in the Boone County Jail for assaulting his former girlfriend have been a subject of discussion. Clemons’ conversations with Carmento Floyd – the President’s wife – and with Amy Stewart – wife of Mizzou’s associate athletic director Ed Stewart included criticism of some members of the basketball staff and racially charged comments.