The state agriculture department is asking Missourians to look for homegrown products for this week’s feast. Much of what you might be picking up for your Thanksgiving Day table could come from the farms and fields right here in Missouri. Sally Oxenhandler with the State Agriculture Department says it starts with the focus of the traditional meal. She says Missouri raises thousands of turkeys each year. Even the turkeys sent to the White House for the customary pardon by the President this year are Southwestern Show-Me State birds. Plus, Oxenhandler says there’s the Missouri pecans and walnuts in desserts, rice from the southeast part of the state, just to mention a few of the side dishes. Even the gas to drive to your Thanksgiving Day destination might be a Missouri product if you fill your car, truck or SUV with ethanol or bio-diesel.Oxenhandler asks everyone as they take to the stores to get their feast to look for the Missouri agriculture label and buy local when they can so farmers can also be thankful for the day.