That telephone call to a soldier in Iraq might bring a big surprise after you hang up. A complaint to the Public Sservice Commission says a Missourian calling a relative in Iraq thought the bill would be about one-dollar a minute, the charge the telephone company imposed for long distance calls. But not this time. The bill was for about FIVE dollars a minute. The PSC has jawboned that bill down to a more reasonable figure. But PSC Chairman Steve Gaw says phone companies and customers need to know what these calls really will cost. He says it appears the calls to Iraq were routed through a global satellite, making the costs much higher than normal long-distance calls. Gaw does not know if this is an isolated case or if more people have been surprised by the phone bill for a call to a love done in Iraq. He wants anybody who’s had the same problem to notify the PSC. The PSC is limited in what it can do, but it can urge the Federal Communications Commission, which does have muscle, to impose some controls.