Kansas City residents face a couple of big issues tomorrow, though it appears few will bother to be in on the decision. Competing mass transit issues will be on the ballot during the special election that also will decide a special State Senate race. Kansas City officials want a five-year, three-eighths-cent increase to the city half-cent transportation tax. The increase would raise an estimated $22-Million annually to support the current city bus service and make some improvements. Activist Clay Chastain has a more elaborate competing measure. It asks for a 12-year, half-cent sales tax increase to build light rail, electric buses, streetcars, bike lanes, express buses and a transit hub at Union Station. A race to replace the late Ronnie DePasco as State Senator features Democrat Victor Callahan, Rebulican Lynn Vogel and write-in candidate Sharon Kelley. Tax issues are also on the ballot for Jackson, Clay and Platte counties.