Dick Vitale. Those two words can emit a number of adjectives for college basketball fans. Flamboyant. Hyper. Insightful. Annoying. Passionate. Loud. Those are just a few. One thing’s for sure: love him or hate him, people seem to pay attention to what he says. Vitale is entering his 24th year of broadcasting college basketball after a coaching career that led to high school state championships in Michigan, 20-win seasons at the University of Detroit and a short stint as the Detroit Pistons head coach. In his new book “Living A Dream”, Vitale chronicles his start as a broadcaster, voices his opinions on college basketball and some of its recent problems and gives you an insight to what its like to be “Dickie V”.   In a recent interview with the Missourinet, Vitale told Sports Director David Sprague that he expects Quin Snyder to be cleared of any wrongdoing once the NCAA wraps up its investigation. He also thinks SMS head coach Barry Hinson and SLU head coach Brad Soderberg are up-and-comers in the college basketball coaching ranks.
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