Eleven teams have started the NFL season 8-0 since 1972. Eight of those teams went on to the Super Bowl and six of those won the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the twelfth team to win their first eight games, by beating the Bills 38-5 at Arrowhead. The Chiefs defense terrorized the Bills offense by jumping on seven turnovers. Dexter McCleon, Ryan Sims and Jerome Woods all picked off a pass, while Eric Warfield grabbed two interceptions. Buffalo had just one lead in the game, when they blocked a Kansas City Punt early in the first quarter. The Chiefs rolled after that, taking a 28-5 lead going into the locker room at halftime. Trent Green passed for 273 yards and two touchdowns. Priest Holmes chugged out 83 yards and three touchdowns. The Chiefs won the game with two veterans of the organization in the hospital. Owner Lamar Hunt is recovering from prostate surgery in a Houston Hospital. He scheduled the procedure around the Chiefs back-to-back National TV appearances. Long-time broadcaster Bill Grigsby was having an undisclosed, but non-serious operation.