State Auditor Claire McCaskill, who has announced her candidacy for Governor, has already picked up an important endorsement. A challenge to an incumbent Governor from within his own party is interesting enough. What’s sure to raise even more eyebrows is an endorsement of the challenger from a former Governor – from that party. State Auditor Claire McCaskill’s bid to replace Governor Bob Holden as the Democratic Party’s flagbearer next year is getting the blessing of former Governor Roger Wilson. He says the party needs a strong candidate in next year’s general election and McCaskill is the best choice. Wilson says the state is a mess and aa change is essential. Wilson, the Lieutenant Governor who became Governor when MelCarnahan died in a plane crash three years ago while campaigning for the U.S. Senate, had considered a run for Governor in 2000 but chose not to go after the nomination, which was eventually won by Bob Holden.