Lawsuits aimed at derailing two key pieces of legislation have some people concerned about judicial activism, but Governor Bob Holden doesn’t see it that way. The regular session of the General Assembly saw theLegislature approve a 24-hour waiting period for any woman wanting an abortion, and legislation allowing Misourians to carry concealed weapons. Both bills were vetoed by Governor Holden, whose vetoes were then overridden during the Legislature’s veto session last month. Now, opponents of both measures are working to delay implementation by having both pieces of legislation tied up in the courts. Holden isn’t worried that this might be seen as judicial activism run wild. Holden says if the finger is to bepointed anywhere, it should be pointed at the Legislature for approving conceal and carry legislation after the idea had been rejected in a statewide referendum. Holden says he expected both lawsuits to be filed, adding he believes there are grounds for both suits.