The military’s program to bring troops home for a little “R & R” might take some jingle out of the pockets of some Show-Me State military members. 1,200 members of Missouri’s National Guard stationed in Iraq and some of thesurrounding countries are eligible for the military’s rest and recuperation leave program, but it might cost them. Guard Spokesman Lieutenant Jamie Melchert says the program gives free plane rides from the Middle East to Baltimore or Frankfurt, Germany, but the rest of the ride home is on theguardsmen’s own dime. Melchert says some airlines are offering up discount fares – some less than $200 for a round trip between Baltimore and St. Louis or Kansas City. That could still be a chunk of money, especially for lowerenlisted folks who might even be taking a pay cut during their guard time, but Melchert believes it is still worth it. Melchert does admit there still might be some who either cannot afford it or their job just won’t allow themto go.