A health foundation says Missourians will spend $30-Billion on health care this year and many in the state will still struggle with health problems. Missouri Foundation for Health paid for the comprehensive study of Missouri health expenditures. Missouri spends more than most of thenation, nearly $5,400 per person, compared to just under $5,000 nationally. Health care is rising faster in Missouri than in most other states, with 7 percent growth since 1998, versus 5.7 percent for the entire nation. But,as the Foundation’s President Doctor James Kimmey points out, though Missouri spends more it still ranks 9th among states in heart disease and 12th in obesity – all because we smoke too much, have poor eating habits and fail to exercise. Kimmey says Missourians should, overall, be in better health. The study finds that 12 percent of Missourians lack health insurance, which is better than the national average of 16.5 percent.