Senator Bond has fired a top aide after it became public the aide ran a Web site named after the tail number of the plane that crashed three years ago killing Governor Carnahan, his son Randy and aide Chris Sifford. Senator Bond won’t comment. The Missourinet made several requests for an interview and was told the senator wouldn’t comment and wasn’t allowing any of his staff to either. Bond’s Communications Director, Ernie Blazar, has been fired after stories surfaced about his Web site, which contained the number in its address. The Web site contains no content now. It had stated the number from the plane wasn’t chosen at random, that “The title of this blog marks an inflection point in current Missouri politics — on that day, the worm began to turn.” Former Carnahan Chief of Staff Roy Temple finds that statement “sick and disturbing”. Temple views the use of the plane number as an act of cruelty, aimed at those close to both Mel and Randy Carnahan and Sifford, because only they would recognize the number’s significance. Senator Bond did issue a written statement saying the use of official computers to make harmful personal attacks were totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Blazar apparently ran the Web site out of his home, but also had sent e-mails to various political Web sites during office hours, something that is a violation of Senate policy. Bond said he didn’t know about the site until this week, “I offer my sincere apologies, and those of my staff, to all those offended by these messages.”