Missouri’s senior senator says there’s an urgent need to win the peace in Iraq. As Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC debate more money for the war in Iraq, Senator Bond chides some Democrats for not backing the $87 billion supplemental appropriation for the war by using the words of President Clinton, who in 1998, said Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction must be stopped and stopped now. Opponents say the Bush Administration does not have an adequate game plan for how the money would be used. But Bond counters it was a lack of doing anything to the terrorists all through the 1990s that put America in the position it is in today. Bond says great strides to win the war on terror were made in Afghanistan and Iraq, but now a new direction to win the peace needs to be taken. Bond says while terrorists in Iraq are shooting at US military members there, they are taking aim at US opinion, hoping Americans will weaken and cut and run. He says if we do that, they win.