Emotions should run high at the State Capitol today as lawmakers gather to consider overriding Governor Bob Holden’s vetoes. Leaders in the Missouri House are targetting two vetoes in particular: The 24-hour wait to get an abortion and the conceal and carry measure. House Majority Floor Leader Jason Crowell of Cape Girardeau has set aside today to debate whether the vetoes of those two bills should be overridden. He feels confident the House will vote to override. Crowell doesn’t expect to lose the votes of Democrats wishing to uphold the veto of their Governor and the leading Democrat in the House doesn’t expect to hold them. Representative Mark Abel of Festus says the Governor realizes the feelings of many House Democrats on the two emotional issues. The House needs 109 votes to override. The abortion bill got 122 in the regular session; conceal and carry got 111. In all, the Governor vetoed 29 bills.