Governor Bob Holden has started the wheels in motion to come up with a litigation reform package for the General Assembly to consider during a September session of the Legislature. But the effort is not without controversy. Governor Holden vetoed the litigation reform bill sent to him by the General Assembly – a bill that would have given doctors and the business community relief from trial attorneys. The Governor has brought medical practitioners and trial lawyers together to try to come up with a reform package that could be presented to the Legislature in September. Representative Richard Byrd of Kirkwood, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, says the Governor is trying to divide the doctors and the business community by just focusing on medicine because the problems affecting doctors are easier to explain. Byrd says doctors realize, however, that their interests in this regard are tied to those of business and the divide and conquer approach is wrong. This exercise becomes moot if the Legislature can muster the votes to override the Governor’s veto.