Gas prices in the state and across the nation have spiked conspicuously close to a big travel weekend. But officials with the auto club deny there’s any connection. Gas prices in Missouri are up – sharply. Triple A Missouri reports the average price of a gallon of gas is up 20 cents since just the beginning of August, about 30 cents higher than a year ago. The group’s spokesman Mike Right says low supplies are partly to blame. He says they have been brought about by the blackouts in the northeastern United States that shut down some refining operations and some imports of gas and oil are not arriving as anticipated. Throw in more people using more fuel and it all adds up to the current price spikes. Right denies it’s any conspiracy by the oil companies to raise prices right before the start of one of the busiest travel weekends of the year – Labor Day Weekend. Right says one thing America can do is get a more stable source of oil … maybe less dependancy on foreign sources.