The woman who was falsely imprisoned by Ricky Clemons, and claims he received money from the MU basketball program, has been contacted by the NCAA according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jessica Bunge also claims that Clemons received answers in advance to a test he was taking at Barton County Community College while trying to get eligible to play at Mizzou. Quin Snyder has also admitted to giving Clemons sweat pants and two pairs of footwear he received as promotional items. In a statement e-mailed to media outlets yesterday, Athletic Director Mike Alden said the university will “look into these matters internally”. Clemons was dismissed from the team last month after breaking terms of his probation. In January, Clemons was arrested for felony assault on Bunge. He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment charges and ordered to spend 30 days in a Columbia halfway house. On July 4th he didn’t return to the halfway house on time after spending the day at MU President Elson Floyd’s home. He’s spending the rest of his sentence in the Boone County Jail.