Missouri point guard Ricky Clemons will spend the rest of his 60-day sentence in jail instead of a halfway house. A Boone County judge repealed his work-release program for failing to comply with the terms of his probation yesterday. On Friday, Clemons was hospitalized with a punctured lung and broken ribs after flipping an ATV. The accident happened at the home of university president Elson Floyd, who was asked by basketball coach Quin Snyder to be a mentor to Clemons. Floyd invited him to a family get-together and says Clemons informed him that he had to return to the half-way house by 10:30. Clemons was supposed to return by 5:30. When Clemons is released from the hospital, he must report to the Boone County Jail within two hours. There are 42 days remaining on Clemons’ sentence. The University hasn’t decided how this will further impact Clemons’ future at Mizzou. He’s currently on a one-year suspension for a false imprisonment charge on a former girlfriend.