The way Missouri provides money for local school districts seems almost certain to become a matter for a lawsuit. It’s been ten years since the state adopted a new system of distributing state funds to school districts. It was done under a court ruling that held that the old formula was unfair. Now the critics of the system are back. And some say the present formula has gotten so far out of whack that it’s worse than the system it replaced a decade ago.State Senator Harold Caskey (D-Butler), a leader in writing the present formula, says the lawyers have been hired; plaintiffs are being rounded up; and lawsuits are being written. Caskey says the education budget just adopted by the legislature aggravates the inequities that have been growing in the state education financing formula, known as the Foundation Formula. Legislative leaders are forming a special committee to re-write the foundation formula. But they know formation of the committee probably won’t persuade critics to forget about filing a suit.