The State Senate Appropriations Committee recommends the full Senate pass the school funding bills without changing them from the way the House has approved them. The House has adopted bills that are identical to those that the governor vetoed a few days ago. Governor Holden has recommended lawmakers give him a budget for education for only 90 days. But the senior member of the governor’s party on the appropriations committee, Wayne Goode (D-St. Louis), says the governor never talked to him about the plan. Appropriations Committee Chairman John Russell (R-Lebanon) says he hasn’t found anyone who could tell him the plan was legal. Goode agrees with the Holden Administration’s contention that the budget approved by the legislature for the fiscal year that begins July 1st is about $240-Million out of balance, but he adds there’s no choice but to pass the last couple of bills. Goode says the legislature must address the revenue issue some day, but this isn’t the time.