State Auditor Claire McCaskill refuses to say publicly she’s thinking of challenging Governor Holden in next year’s Democratic primary, but she’s on the stump, raising money for something and in Kansas City, making comments critical of Holden’s dealing with the legislature on the state budget. McCaskill is not up for re-election as Auditor next year, but supporters in Kansas City paid $250 each to meet with her last night. McCaskill calls the confrontation between the Governor and the legislature “ugly” and “not productive”. She says the climate for compromise was damaged months ago when the governor drew a line in the sand on budget issues. Governor Holden also held a fundraiser in Kansas City last night. He won’t disclose how much he raised. As for McCaskill’s comments, Holden says it’s indicative of someone who has not been involved in the process and is not aware of all the facts and information about what is going on in the budget negotiations. New campaign finance reports are due next month. The last reports issued disclosed McCaskill has raised nearly $740,000 which can be used for any statewide race. Holden for Governor last reported $1.5-Million in the bank.