Republican leaders in the House say they will attempt today to formalize their intention to return to Governor Holden budget bills identical to those he has vetoed. House Majority Floor Leader Jason Crowell (R-Cape Girardeau) says Republicans will use whatever means they must to narrow a process that normally takes three days down to one. The intention is to pass the exact same bills Governor Holden has rejected. Republicans have ignored Holden’s request for an emergency 90-day appropriation so lawmakers could return to the education budget bills in September. Crowell says agreeing to such an approach would set a bad precedent for future legislatures. He says the intention today is to take the necessary steps to approve the budget bills and send them to the Senate. Though Governor Holden has signed 10 of the 12 bills that make up the state’s operating budget, he has twice vetoed the two bills funding public schools, colleges and universities. Even though the legislature injected the public school funding formula with $72-Million dollars in federal funding, Holden stated it was unacceptable to him. Lawmakers contend it’s the best they can do during a difficult year and they claim it would provide the same amount of funding public schools received this fiscal year. Lawmakers have refused to consider a package promoted by the governor to raise revenue and avoid budget cuts. The new state fiscal year begins July 1st.