Governor Bob Holden says he’ll accept two of the four budget bills revised by the Legislature during the special session, but will reject the other two. The Governor accepts revised funding formulas for health, mental health, and social services, but rejects revisions to the funding plan for public schools and colleges. Holden insists the Legislature’s budget is $240-Million out-of-balance. And, if implemented, would force him to cut $190-Million from public schools, $20-Million from colleges, and $30-Million from other state agencies. The Governor’s message doesn’t sway House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, who says she is unlikely to agree to Holden’s request for a 90-day emergency appropriation so the Legislature can reconsider a revenue package during the annual veto session. Instead, she expects the Legislature to meet next week and return to Holden bills identical to the ones he intends to veto.