A compromise has been reached and it appears the special legislative session is heading for adjournment with revised budget bills ready to be returned to Governor Bob Holden. More money will be taken from the federal funds coming to Missouri, the extra $72-Million given to education will be kept as the compromise goes first to the full House for consideration. Five hours of difficult discussion last night failed to reach agreement. A closed, private meeting of a few of the negotiators this morning struck a deal, which not all members liked. Senator Pat Dougherty of St. Louis made it clear he is against a move to discontinue general relief for the poor. House Budget Committee Chairman Carl Bearden of St. Charles wouldn’t budge, saying he admired Dougherty’s passion for the issue, but pointing out the Senator shouldn’t look to blame Republican legislative leaders. The agreement does eliminate more than 100 state jobs, most not filled. That’s considerably less than the 500-plus lay-offs considered by the House earlier.