Governor Bob Holden has delivered a speech to a joint session of the Legislature which is in special session to deal with four budget bills vetoed by Holden. In his address, Holden reitterated his call to avoid budget cuts by sending tax initiatives to the voters of Missouri. He wants voters to have the opportunity to say yes or no to tax increases on cigarettes, casinos, and the wealthiest Missourians. Also addressing Senators and Representatives were Senate Leader Peter Kinder of Cape Girardeau and House Speaker Catherine Hanaway of Warson Woods. Both accused the Governor of engaging in politics by insisting on tax increases. They made it clear Republicans in the Senate and House are not interested in hiking taxes. As the three delivered their addresses in the House of Representatives, a packed gallery looked on. Those opposed to tax increases, in the Capitol for a rally put together by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Associated Industries of Missouri, and the National Federation of Independent Business, wore bright red shirts as they sat in the gallery to applaud the anti-tax messages uttered by Kinder and Hanaway. Supporters of the tax increase proposal, many of them wearing white shirts, took their places in the gallery, applauding the statements coming from the Governor.