The State Revenue Department is making Missouri drivers aware of what the Department calls a time saving way to renew car and truck registrations. The online motor vehicle registration system – known as MORE – came into being a little over a year ago but is now starting to experience some use. It allows for online registration renewal, saving motorists the need to visit a license bureau. Revenue Director Carol Fischer says those taking advantage of the system need to have some information, such as property tax receipts, before they fill out the online application. And, some cross-referencing is going on to make sure the information is accurate and complete. Currently, MORE is up and running in 40 counties, making up about 70-percent of the state’s population. It’s hoped the rest of the state will soon follow suit. To find out whether you’re eligible to renew online or to complete the renewal, log onto the Department’s website at WWW.DOR.STATE.MO.US.