State Revenue Department officials are letting you know that if you’re just getting around to filing your state income taxes now, it might be a few weeks before you get any refund you’re expecting. They’re saying April filers should expect tax refunds about six to eight weeks after filing. Revenue Director Carol Fischer says last year, her people were surprised by how many people were owed refunds, and that ended up forcing the department to stop sending out refunds because of the financial pinch that cash flow would have put the state budget in. Fischer says the “April surprise” last year was caused by larger-than-expected losses from the stock market many claimed against their taxes. She says there will still be truckloads of returns that show up at the Revenue Department’s loading dock after the April 15th deadline. The Director asks filers still waiting to send in their returns to do it electronically to help Revenue Department workers already pressed because of state budget cuts and to make it easier for taxpayers.