Governor Holden has unveiled an action plan for economic growth, which he calls the Missouri At Work program. The program calls for five steps to be taken to stimulate economic growth: strengthening education and workforce skills, increasing business competetiveness, investing in communities, building infrastructure capacity, and reforming government and regulatory rules. Governor Holden says none is more important than education. He adds education and business must work hand-in-hand to make economic recovery a reality. In fact, he The wants to encourage businesses with a series of targeted tax cuts, including benefits for businesses that employ Missouri citizens. The program was presented to a gathering of government and business leaders meeting at the Governor’s Mansion. While pleased with the Governor’s call for business and education to work together, there was some concern from business interests at the meeting about what was not said. Missouri Chamber of Commerce President Dan Mehan says he would like to have heard the Governor comment on some of the issues currently before the General Assembly. Specifically, he would like to see the Governor and the Legislature on the same side of workers’ compensation reform and tort reform. Later, while speaking to reporters, Holden said he would not consider vetoes of the comp reform or tort reform bills until he has seen them. Many Democrats, though, have expressed their concerns that those pieces of legislation would impact Missouri in a negative way.