Missouri’s top congressman on military matters is more worried about where the scud missiles caught in shipment to Yemen are from than he is about where they were going. Congressman Ike Skelton of Lexington, who is the ranking Democrat on the US House Armed Services Committee, wonders what Yemen is up to trying to get Scud Missiles from North Korea. The shipment has been intercepted by American and Spanish military. Skelton says Yemen has been one of our anti-terrorism allies, but he doesn’t know what that country’s up to and what it means to our relations with that country. More important to Skelton is the fact that North Korea sold those missiles. He calls North Korea’s missile sales “destabilizing actions”. Skelton says the incident demonstrates that the administration cannot afford to be too single-minded in its national security strategy. He says the Bush Administration pays too little attention to instability and potential conflict in other regions. Skelton hopes the missile shipment interception leads the adminstration to think about a wider strategic plan.