Talk ends today and Missouri voters decide who will represent them in the US Senate. Both Democrat Jean Carnahan and Republican Jim Talent want to return to Washington. Carnahan wants to win her US Senate seat in her own right. She was appointed to the seat won posthumously by her husband Mel Carnahan in 2000. Carnahan has focused on Social Security and health care and has pointed out she supported President Bush on tax cuts and Iraq. During a conference call with reporters, Carnahan stated she had done alot in her two years in Washington. Talent served eight years in the US House. He left Congress to run unsuccessfully for Governor two years ago. He has emphasized job creation and business development as well as health care. This has been a high-profile race that likely will break campaign finance records in the end. National leaders from both parties have criss-crossed the state on behalf of both candidates as Democrats and Republicans look to Missouri as a key to which party controls the Senate in Washington.