State Auditor Claire McCaskill admits she has her eye on something higher – the governor’s Office – but not right away. McCaskill isn’t exactly unopposed in her race for re-election, but she’s pretty close to it. Republicans have disavowed the candidate picked in their party’s primary in August because of his felony prison sentence years ago in Minnesota, and Al Hanson hasn’t come out to campaign. She’s been the object of some speculation that she might run for this job or that, fill this or that vacancy, if it happens. She promises to serve the full four years of a new term if she’s re-elected next month. But she aspires for something more. McCaskill says she plans to run for Governor in 2008, but she wants to keep her job as Auditor until then. Mccaskill indicates she’ll run for a third term as Auditor if she’s elected to her second one but she won’t promise to finish the third term because the election for Governor will come halfway through it.