The second and final debate in the race for Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat is now history. Billed as a candidates’ forum involving all four U.S. Senate contenders, many observers in Columbia were squarely focused on the two main opponents – incumbent Democrat Jean Carnahan and Republican challenger Jim Talent. It wasn’t long before Carnahan took Talent to task for what she calls allegations that she is unpatriotic. She wagged her finger at Talent as she defended herself. Talent’s response: He never said the Senator is unpatriotic. He merely called into question her Senate votes on certain key issues. And, he says he’ll continue to do that. Topics addressed included oil exploration in Alaska: He’s for it, she’s against it; Raising the minimum wage: She’s for it, he’s against it; Confirmation of federal judges: Both stress the importance of competence; and reparations for descendants of slaves: Both oppose the idea. Joining the debate: Libertarian Tamara Millay and Green Party candidate Daniel “Digger” Romano.